International Conference

Water Science for Impact

Wageningen University & Research
16-18 October 2018, Wageningen, The Netherlands


Prof. Rob Hamer

Director Unilever R&D Vlaardingen
Keynote speaker


Prof. Stefan Uhlenbrook

Coordinator UN World Water
Assessment Programme
Keynote speaker


Dr. Simon Langan

Director of IIASA’s Water Programme
and Water Futures and Solutions Initiative
Keynote speaker


Drs. Kitty van der Heijden

Director Africa and Europe at World Resources Institute
Keynote speaker


We are delighted to announce the call for abstracts for the international conference Water Science for Impact, which will take place from 16 – 18 October 2018 at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in Wageningen, The Netherlands. This large international and multidiscipinary water conference is convened within the framework of the WUR 100 years centennial celebrations, and is jointly organised by WUR, Deltares, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL). The conference will focus on the interaction between science and society in developing solutions for pressing water related problems as identified in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Aim and Scope

Water Science for Impact will focus on water quality and quantity in the broadest sense. The conference brings together leaders in science, policy, and the public and private sectors to examine water science from a multidisciplinary perspective.  Water science is crucial to expanding our understanding of water quality and quantity related issues that humankind encounters. Such understanding is key towards identifying critical water-related challenges, developing novel solutions and implementing steps that contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals. We welcome contributions from both the natural and social sciences, as well as from stakeholders and decision makers and from private and public sectors.

Target group

This conference aims at exchanging scientific knowledge and bridging gaps between scientists, policy makers, NGOs and the business community.


We welcome submissions around three different themes. Abstracts may focus on water systems at different spatial scales, including: urban or regional water systems; river and delta systems; surface and groundwater systems; and marine systems. Abstracts may also include different approaches, including: observing and analytical approaches, system approaches; modelling approaches; experimental approaches; trans-disciplinary and participatory approaches.

Water and Climate Change

  • Disturbance of the hydrological cycle
  • Climate adaptation strategies for rivers, deltas and seas
  • Nature based solutions in water management
  • Climate proof, adaptive urban water management
  • Water stress, water scarcity, water conflicts, water management and migration
  • Livelihood vulnerability to climate change
  • Extremes and disaster risk reduction

Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus

  • Closing water and nutrient cycles in the agro-food sector
  • Closing water and nutrient cycles in urban areas
  • Towards saline water resilient agriculture and industry
  • Impact and prediction of water stress on food security, energy and ecosystems
  • Blue growth: sustainably harvesting the potential of resources from coastal areas and seas
  • Politics and governance of water allocation claims

Sustainable Water Quality

  • Emerging chemicals and biological contaminants in surface water, groundwater,  sediments and marine ecosystems
  • Tackling multiple stressors: risk assessment and management strategies
  • Restoration and conservation of healthy aquatic ecosystems: multiple stressors (pollutants, invasive species), ecosystem dynamics, resilience, tipping points
  • Salinization
  • Impacts of water quality on human health and freshwater and marine ecosystem health


January 2018 First Announcement and call for abstracts
April 2018 Deadline for abstracts of presentations
June 2018 Evaluation and selection of papers by the Programme Committee
September 2018 Pubication of final programme

First announcement conference

Please click on the follow button to open the first announcement in a pdf file

Programme committee

Carolien Kroeze
Prof. Dr C. (Carolien) Kroeze (chair)
WUR University
Prof. Dr F. (Fulco) Ludwig
Theme 1: Water and Climate
Prof. H.H.M. (Huub) Rijnaarts
Prof. H.H.M. (Huub) Rijnaarts
Theme 2: Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus
Bart Koelmans
Prof. Dr A.A. (Bart) Koelmans
Theme 3: Water Quality
(Nora) Sutton
Dr. N.B. (Nora) Sutton
Theme 3: Water Quality
Prof. Dr A.J. (Tinka) Murk
Theme 1: Water and Climate Change
Prof. Dr. ir. P.J.G.J. (Petra) Hellegers
Theme 2: Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus
Dr. P.W.J.J. (Paul) van der Wielen
Theme 3: Sustainable Water Quality
(Koen) Wetser
Dr K. (Koen) Wetser
Theme 2: Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus

Steering committee

Prof. Dr C. ( Carolien) Kroeze (chair) Professor of Water Systems and Global Change at WUR
Prof. Dr S.R. (Simon) Bush Professor of the Environmental Policy at WUR
Ir. I.M.A.A. (Ivo) Demmers Head of the water programme at WEnR-WUR
Prof. Dr. ir. P.J.G.J. (Petra) Hellegers Professor of Water Resources Management at WUR
Prof. Dr A.J.F. (Ton) Hoitink Professor in Environmental Fluid Mechanics at WUR
Prof. Dr A.A. (Bart) Koelmans Professor in Water and Sediment Quality at WUR
Prof. Dr F. (Fulco) Ludwig Professor in Climate Adaptation Strategies at WUR
Prof. Dr A.J. (Tinka) Murk Professor in Marine Animal Ecology at WUR
Prof. H.H.M. (Huub) Rijnaarts Professor in Environment and Water Technology at WUR
Dr. ir. P.N.M. (Peter) Schipper Researcher on ground water quality at WEnR-WUR
Dr. ir. A.G. (Toon) Segeren Director external relations and entrepreneurship, Deltares
Dr. N.B. (Nora) Sutton Assistant professor in Environmental Technology at WUR
Prof. A.H. (Albrecht) Weerts Professor in Hydrologic Predictability at WUR
Dr. K. (Koen) Wetser Researcher on behalf of the Water Nexus Programme at WUR
Dr. P.W.J.J. (Paul) van der Wielen Expert researcher in microbiology / biological activity and stability in drinking water at KWR
Drs. W. (Willem) Ligtvoet Programme manager Water Climate and Adaptation at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)

Organising committee

Steven Kruize Conference secretariat IWC
Marjolijn Dannenburg Management information systems and web content manager WIMEK Graduate School at WUR
Johan Feenstra Coordinator WIMEK Graduate School at WUR
Ivo Demmers Head of the water programme at Environmental Sciences Group – WUR

This conference aims at exchanging scientific knowledge and bridging gaps between scientists, policy makers, NGOs and the business community.


Submit your abstract before 1 April 2018 ( online submission system opens February 2018 )

Submission Of Papers And Posters

Submission of papers and posters

All abstracts should be written in English and can be submitted online…

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Review And Publication

Review and publication

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the programme committee and selections for…

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Conference Venue “Orion” WUR

Conference venue “Orion” WUR

Orion is one of the education buildings of Wageningen University & Research.…

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City Of Wageningen

City of Wageningen

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