City of Wageningen

When entering Wageningen, everyone immediately feels the difference with other cities. Where else can you find an atmosphere as international and as hospitable? As City of Life Sciences Wageningen takes quality of life in the broadest sense of the word very seriously. The many and varied international students of Wageningen University and Research centre greatly influence the general atmosphere in the city and on the many terraces in the centre. Restaurants and small cafes with menus from all over the world cater to the needs of the international students, thereby also offering tourists new tastes… ideal to try after shopping at the great variety of shops in the city centre.

Historically, Wageningen is inextricably connected to the liberation of The Netherlands at the end of WWII. On 5th May 1945, the capitulation was signed at Wageningen in Hotel De Wereld, still an important feature of the city. You are cordially invited to have a look at the so-called Capitulation Room which has remained virtually unchanged since that historic happening. Each year, on 4th and 5th May, Wageningen organises remembrance services for WWII and extensive festivities to commemorate the liberation. Visiting Wageningen during those very special days, gives you a taste of the warm welcome of and feelings of thankfulness to the veterans during their annual march through the city. Other activities concerning the themes of Peace, Liberty and Security take place throughout the year as well. From 5 May 2011, the special Flame of Liberty is burning near Hotel De Wereld.