Special issue information

The Water Science for Impact conference is happy to announce that there will be a special issue of the journal Science of the Total Environment specifically for this conference. We offer the opportunity to all authors who have accepted abstracts to submit a complete manuscript for consideration in the special issue. It is important to note, that all manuscripts will undergo a rigorous review process in accordance with journal’s normal review policy. So, acceptance of an abstract to the conference does not entitle authors to a publication in Science of the Total Environment.

Manuscripts from authors with an accepted abstract for the Water Science for Impact conference can submit their complete manuscript through the Science of the Total Environment website (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/science-of-the-total-environment). After logging in to the submission page, authors can select submission to “VSI: Water Science for Impact”. The subject of the manuscript must fit with the accepted abstract; manuscripts describing work significantly different from that presented at the conference will be directly rejected. The deadline for submission is December 15th 2018. Please carefully review the journal’s scope and the author instructions prior to preparing a manuscript to ensure that your submission fits within the journal’s focus and guidelines. Submissions will undergo a normal review process, including peer-review, revision and rebuttal prior to the guest editor making a final decision.

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